• „GRAPHICS and history mix” – London 2004, POSK – Hammersmith, King Street

I have been into photography for 20 years. I began in dark room. All my life I devoted to a long-lasting and arduous process of chemical treatment, which can give loads of satisfaction despite a few failures at the very beginning.

About eight years ago I settled down to a computer for the first time. PC software was so appalling in those days that it put me off from having anything to do with. So, since that time the only things in which I found computer a handy tool was scanning and doing adverts.

During summer 2002 I was invited to Berlin by my friend Solvieg Sherwood. The visit in Berlin has broadened my artistic horizons. With another friend of mine, Wolfgang Amadeus van d Bohm, we used to spend all days visiting galleries as well as many other artistically inspiring places. I was dazzled and when I got back to Pila I started to experiment more with my computer. Thanks to what I saw in Berlin my work I looked at my work from a completely different point of view. I found myself at the other side of a mirror. Photo-Graphic Designer.

For the first time in my life I feel I am creating for the people. And so, some graphics were created later published in the press, used by admen and publishing houses, as adverts or covers.

Let you be moved, sigh and experience aesthetic adventures encountering my work.

Daniel Cichy


Photo at Andrzej Kilian, Bogdan Syrkiewicz and Jarosław Kosterka.