Photography is like a woman. You love her to the limit. You suffer through it to the limit. You are constantly changing through it. You really never know who you are. But all the time you’re just doing your thing. You experience life.


1980 – Exposed the very first film in his life using dad’s camera ¨Druh¨

1983 – Joined The Photography Club lead by Stanislaw Pręgowski at Pilski Dom Kultury /Pila Cultural Centre/

1985 – Took part in The Club’s members exhibition at PDK

1986 – Took part in Trzcianka ’96 exhibition devoted to environmental protection at PDK

1988 – Got second prize in a photography competition organized by Pila Province

1988 – Took part in the forth International Biennial of Artistic Photography called ¨The Child¨

1990 – Took part in ¨Od nas odbite¨ competition in a town Świdnica

1990 – Got first prize in the annual exhibition organized by The Photography Club

1991 – Took part in the third Triennial of Polish Artistic Photography

1991 – First individual exhibition called ¨Photography¨

1991 – Second individual exhibition called ¨Cracow¨

1992 – Got second prize in ¨Who Am I?¨ competition at The Palace of Youth in Warsaw

1992 – Got a honorary GTF diploma for participating in ¨Photographic Confrontations¨ competition

1992 – Took part in the sixth International Biennial of Artistic Photography called ¨The Child¨

1993 – Started studying at Leon Shiller Academy of Film, TV and Theatre in Lodz

1995 – Third individual exhibition called ¨The Self-portrait Within You¨

2001 – The presentation of theatrical photos at Szamocin Train Station

2002 – Fourth individual exhibition called ¨The Forgotten Photos¨

2002 – Fifth individual exhibition called ¨The Family Passion – Theatre¨

2003 – Sixth individual exhibition called ¨GRAPHICS & history mix¨ at Mirosławiec gallery Republic of Imagination and The Grand Pub in Pila

2004 – Sixth individual exhibition called ¨GRAPHICS & history mix¨ at London POSK gallery

2011 – Seventh individual exhibition called “Dreams” at Grove Caffe, Ealing, London